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Belle's Book Organization Tips

Hello dearest reader. Belle here today to discuss with you how I organize my books. But before I get into that topic, I do have an announcement to make. We are taking the posting of our blog down to once a week instead of twice a week. Since I have such a heavy course load right now, I don’t have enough time to do what I need for school and create well-written posts. Also, Arya is going through some difficult things right now, so she needs more time between posts as well. We appreciate your understanding.

Now each person has their own specific way in which they prefer to organize their books. When it comes to Arya and me, I am the one that organizes all of our shelves. So, the same type of organization is used between our book collections.

I tend to reorganize my personal shelves twice a year and will do a reorganization for Arya about once a year. The reason for this is because the limited shelf space I own and the new books I have received cause me to have to find new ways to fit my books. Plus I also try to go through my collection and get rid of all the books that I no longer enjoy or wish to read. I try to have all my books visible and on my shelves which leads me to my main sources of organization.

What I find works best between Arya and me is by sorting our books into piles where the books have similarities. For example, Arya has a pile of books dealing with magic and a pile of mysteries. I have a pile of classics, a pile of murder or mystery/thrillers, and a pile of historical fiction with strong female leads. Once the sorting is done then we plan out which piles we would like on which shelf. Then the next step is for me to place all the books onto their proper shelf which can be a challenge as sometimes not all books will fit on one shelf.

Unlike some other people, I like to keep all my series together so they are all in one place. I also do not organize each shelf by author or by color as others tend to do. I put the books on the shelf in whichever way I find to be the most visually appealing. Of course, doing it this way does take a decent amount of time but it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

I know that this may not be an exact how-to guide, however, when it comes to book organization, there really is no right or wrong way. If you want to organize just by colors or only by the author you can. Heck, even alphabetical order can be an acceptable method of organization. Another way you can get inspiration is by checking out Pinterest or Instagram. There are a lot of really creative people out there who will show their shelf organization. In fact, one of the shelves I’ve organized for Arya has been shown off in a reel on Instagram that Arya created. Always remember that your shelves are the place where you can express your style and aesthetic. Until next time dear reader.


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