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Belle's Top Five Favorite Series

Hello dear reader. Belle here again. Instead of doing my top ten favorite books which I am having a hard time solidifying, I decided to start by going over my top five favorite series. I decided to do this one first because I have been on a series reading binge lately, so I wanted to gush about my favorites that I have found and that have stuck with me.

  1. Stalking Jack the Ripper

First on the list is this series was written by Kerri Maniscalco. One major reason I love this series is due to the fact that it was set in the Victoria era. If you have seen our Instagram page, you will know how much I love books that are set in the Victorian era. Another major reason I enjoy the series is that it is a murder mystery series. The main characters do remind me of Sherlock and Watson which anyone who knows Arya and me, knows that we love a good Sherlock-esque character. Audrey Rose works to be free and do what she loves against society’s morals but finds a friend in Thomas who admires her passion for examining the dead. Though this series is one of my favorites, the third book of the series Escaping From Houdini is the one book in the series I could not seem to get behind. However, Capturing the Devil, the last book in the series more than makes up for my dislike of the third book. I have tried to get Arya to read the series but as she is scared of her own shadow and the first book contains accurate details on the Jack the Ripper case I have had no one with which to discuss my love for this series.

2. Storm and Silence

These books were written by Robert Thier. Of course one of the major reasons I love this book is that I love the strong character of Lilly and how she goes against Mr. Ambrose throughout the series. As this is not a surprise to anyone that knows me it is another series that is set in Victorian England. I love seeing the representation of Lilly fighting to be free and shoved into a marriage. Plus she also fights to be treated or have the same rights as any man. She is stubborn and sarcastic, leading some interesting dialogue conversations with the other characters that cause me to laugh each time I read the series.

3. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

This story is a great mystery that kept me on my toes and I couldn’t guess the ending. Holly Jackson created this series and I could not be more in love with the story she created. I was excited to read each book in the series and I’m so excited to read the last book which was released on September 28 in America. Pip, the main character, is one that I could relate to in so many ways. She is focused on the truth being found and questions when the facts do not seem to line up. As a person that has read as much as I have there are many mystery books that I was able to guess the ending. Yet this series so far has kept me on my toes as my ideas of the solving of the mystery followed Pip as she formed her own thoughts.

4. Infernal Devices series

This is a series by Cassandra Clare that can be summed up as the Shadow Hunters meet Victorian England. You must be thinking of course another series that takes place in Victorian England and I apologize to those who are not a fan of the time (hint hint, those like Arya) but I find this time to be the most interesting to read and learn about. It is a nice balance of fantasy with some real-world elements. The dialogue between the characters was very amusing to me as I went through the trilogy. I really do not have much to say as it is a series as I recommend others should read if they are book lovers. I do not want to spoil any of the story for those who have not read it. I will say there were times that the characters did get me mad more than any series on this list.


5.. Book of Elsewhere series

Even though this is a children’s series, it is a series that is very important to me. This is the series that got me into reading in the first place and the first series that I ever read. I was shockingly not always a reader as I have a rare form of dyslexia that made it difficult to learn to read as a child. Yet it was this series that sparked something in me. Originally I was reading this series with mom until I took the first book and finished it all by myself and since then I have been hooked on reading. It was written by Jacqueline West and has a great mystery that I loved to uncover and is probably one of the reasons that I adore mysteries as a young adult. West created a detailed world of talking cats, paintings that you could walk into with certain glasses, and detailed characters that were alive in the paintings. Without this series, I am not sure if I would be who I am today. Books and reading are now such a huge part of my life and I am not sure I would have that love without this series.

I hope you enjoyed the list of my top five series. Compared to Arya’s previous top ten list I hope you have an idea of just how different our reading styles can be. I really hope you look into the series and maybe purchase or borrow the first book of each series to see if it would be something that you would enjoy reading yourself. And with that dear reader, my time for this week is drawing to a close stay tuned for Arya’s next post on Sunday. Until next time dear reader.


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