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Is Wonderland (and Oz) Real?

Hello fellow ink drinkers! In today’s podcast episode, Belle and I discuss a book theory in which we debate if Wonderland is real. We also start talking about if Oz is real as well so it’s a bit of a two for one theory. This transcript will be a general overview of the conversation we had. If you want the full episode, you can listen to our podcast on Spotify and iHeartRadio as well as Youtube in a few weeks.

So I had first asked Belle her thoughts on the theory because she has not read the original Lewis Carroll work or any retellings as I have. She said that she was not a fan of “Alice in Wonderland” because of her logical thinking. She likes to find real world applications and facts to back her thoughts and Wonderland does not have those.

I then stated that the trouble I have with the question is that it is not only purposefully ambiguous, but when I was reading the original work in order to try to find an answer to this question I felt as though there was something I couldn’t quite grasp. I then stated that the other problem I have is I love retellings where Wonderland is a real place, so I almost want it to be real.

At this point, Belle brought up the question of whether Oz would also be real. We then discussed the probability that Oz would be the more real place out of the two. We did discuss the reason for this being that because the Wizard is in Oz and there is no such character in Wonderland, it would mean that Oz is more likely to be real.

All in all, we enjoyed debating the thoughts as to whether these fictional worlds would be real or not. Until next time.


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