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Taking Time

Hello darling readers! Belle here. Arya and I have an announcement that we need to make. We have an exciting secret project in the works so we are taking some time off in order to fully devote time to our new project. Each of us also needs some time off for different reasons. I’m starting to get into finals season junior year so I need time to devote to my studies and figure out what my next step is. Arya has been going through a lot of mental health issues, general health issues, and work problems lately so she needs some time as well. Once we have our future project set in stone we will be posting more. If you aren’t following us on Instagram, please consider following us over there. We will be posting some teasers as we get closer to our announcement. Thank you for your patience through this time. Arya and I want to create something that we hope you will enjoy, so we appreciate you giving us time to do so. Until next time darling reader. And if you don’t hear from us before the upcoming holiday season, we both wish you a very Happy Holiday for whatever you celebrate.


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