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Hello fellow readers. It’s been a while. We hope you have had a nice holiday. Arya here to announce the secret project that Belle mentioned in her last post and to explain how things are going to work from now on. So Belle and I have decided to start a podcast. It is called the Blind Girls’ Book Talk. We have been working on it since Thanksgiving and we hope you all will enjoy it. We are still deciding on where it will be hosted so stay tuned for next week’s post where we will list where you can find it.

The reason we started a podcast is that Belle had mentioned the thought of starting a Youtube channel. I was a little skeptical of this idea but thought that maybe a podcast would be a better medium. Belle also liked this idea better because it would be a little easier on her since she is heading into her senior year of college. So we hit the ground running. This podcast is going to be what our blog posts have been about; various bookish content and our thoughts and opinions about books. We have decided that we are going to post podcast episodes and blog posts on the same day so you will be getting more content on Sundays. The blog will allow us to post edited transcripts of our podcasts. Now occasionally there will be a separate blog post that will not be found in the podcast because the podcast will be about something we have already posted. We are hoping that all in all, adding the podcast will help streamline things and help to allow us to be extremely consistent when it comes to posting here. Next week, we will be posting two podcast episodes and the second episode’s transcript will be the one that is posted. Our first episode is more of an introduction to what the podcast will be and what our favorite genres, books, and series are as well.

We are very excited to show off what we have been working on so we will see you all next week when we post our next episode. We will also post on our Instagram when the show goes live. Thank you all again for your patience and see you all next week.


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