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Welcome to the Blind Girl's Book Blog


Hello dear reader and welcome to the Blind Girls’ Book Blog. My sister and I, who are running this page, wanted to take this first opportunity to introduce ourselves and to explain a little bit of what you can expect from these blogs.

My name is Arya and my sister’s name is Belle. We both are young women who are legally blind and have been since birth. We both share a love of reading and have had this love since we were both very young. We love to read because it is an escape for us from the everyday world, as it is for all who love reading. It also is a way for us to understand a bit more about some social situations. That may sound silly to you but when you can’t see body language and facial expressions of people you interact with, reading can sometimes give you a bit more insight. Due to this deep love of literature, we have decided to start a blog in order to talk about what we enjoy, what we despise, and just general opinions about different books that we have read.

We each have our own specialties in genres, which for the most part, will be the topics that we will discuss. Of course, there will be some other bookish posts as well. We want to be well-rounded after all. Belle’s specialties will be the classics, murder mystery, historical fiction, and a touch of YA, My genres of choice are fantasy, general fiction, romance, and re-tellings of different tales and myths. Granted there will be times where we switch roles for whatever reason, but for the most part, this will be what you can expect.

You can also expect us to talk about certain book-related subjects such as journaling, how-to's, and other general topics. Neither one of us just wanted to do book reviews all the time because we know there are a lot of people out there

who do that sort of thing all the time. Instead, we want to also talk about other topics that people may find interesting.

Also to note, some of the books that we talk about are not going to be ones that you see mentioned on Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok. There may be books that were published some time ago and wouldn’t be considered “relevant” today. Quite frankly, we aren’t trying to be the most relevant bloggers out there. We are really just looking to have fun and to talk about the books that we love and bookish topics that we are passionate about. Who knows, maybe you may find a new favorite in one of our suggestions. Of course, if you have any suggestions for future topics, we would love to hear them. You can also check out our Instagram page @blindgirlsbooks. Until next time dear reader.


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